How much is tuition?

Our admissions representative will be more than happy to discuss tuition with prospective students at length during your campus visit. You may also download the Program Cost sheet.

Will I need to travel between campuses?

Absolutely not. All of your classes will be held at the campus where you enroll.

What are the requirements for admission?

To be accepted into one of CSB’s programs, a prospective student must be a high school graduate or possess a GED. An official high school transcript or GED scores must be submitted. An application for admission also must be submitted to be considered for enrollment. The application can be obtained by visiting the school or downloading it here.

All incoming students are required to complete a no charge pre-enrollment evaluation. This evaluation will be scheduled after the prospective student has submitted an application for admission.

What happens after I submit an application for admission?

Upon receipt of an application for admission, an admissions representative will contact you to schedule a financial aid appointment as well as an appointment to complete the pre-enrollment evaluation. These appointments can be scheduled together on the same day, if desired. A letter of acceptance will be processed and mailed. From that point forward your admissions representative will work with you through the entire enrollment process – right up to the first day of classes.

Will my credits from another school be accepted?

Transfer of credits from other accredited institutions is reviewed on a case by case basis. A request for transfer of credits must be made prior to starting classes at CSB, and a transcript must be submitted.

Can I apply some of my high school courses toward my studies at CSB? Can a high school student take classes at CSB and have those classes count toward a high school diploma?

CSB welcomes articulation agreements with high schools. Several subjects can be waived, or articulated, by recent high school graduates. Students should contact their guidance counselor for more information. If an articulation agreement does not exist between CSB and the high school, the student should contact CSB to arrange a meeting with the admissions department to discuss subjects that may be waived.

Will any of my CSB credits transfer to other institutions?

The transfer of credits is always up to the receiving institution. Many factors come into play when considering the transfer of credits, such as the grade earned, similarity of curriculum, and length of time from course completion to transfer credit request. While most CSB students graduate with the intent of immediately beginning their career, some graduates will opt to continue their studies with the goal of earning a four-year degree. To help those students accomplish this goal, CSB has transfer of credit or articulation agreements with a number of institutions.

For additional questions, please contact admissions.


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