Grants and Loans

Our Financial Aid Director is available to meet with every incoming student – one on one – to help them explore all of their options for paying for school.  Along with our bursar, they work diligently to guide students through the process of applying for aid of all types. Our aim is to make your educational goals financially realistic.

Meeting with our financial aid staff requires no obligation to enroll and ensures you have left no stone unturned when looking for financial support for your education. From government aid programs to local grants and scholarships, many programs exist to help offset your educational costs. For students who seek financial aid and qualify for assistance, CSB offers the following:


A grant is similar to a scholarship in that it is not repaid and results in a direct reduction of a student’s cost of education. CSB’s financial aid staff will assist you in applying for the Federal PELL grant and the PHEAA state grant.
To learn more about the Federal Pell grant program, click here.
To learn more about the Pheaa State grant program, click here.


Educational loans may be available to a student from the Federal Direct Loans for students and parents program. They must be repaid. Qualified CSB students can participate in the following loan programs: Federal Stafford loan, Unsubsidized Federal Stafford loan, Federal Plus loan and alternative loans. To learn more about the Federal Direct Loan program, click here.

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