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Is CSB Right for Me?

Our admissions staff can help you determine if our academic opportunities and career-training resources meet your needs.

The admissions team at CSB is dedicated to helping you explore your educational opportunities. We’re here to help and invite you to visit our facility. We will sit down with you and address your personal needs, answer your questions, and give you a guided tour of the building.

We strongly believe the only way to know if a school is right for you is to visit the campus. When you visit a CSB campus, an admissions representative will meet with you to address your individual questions and needs. We will review course requirements, enrollment procedures, tuition rates, class scheduling, financial aid and other topics. You’ll also get a personal tour of the campus – the perfect opportunity to see everything in action! Peek in classrooms, see our faculty at work, interact with our student body, and get a feel for what it’s like to be a CSB student.

Other Questions?

We have compiled a list of the questions we receive most often regarding our programs on this FAQ page.

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