A Cure for the Dead End Job

A Cure for the Dead End Job

Are you seeking a career instead of another dead end job?  Are you looking to update your skills?  CSB can help!

Dawn of the Dead... End Job

Dead end job making you a zombie?  CSB can help you find the cure!

Ready for a Career Change?

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Why Consolidated School of Business?

CSB works with students in any stage of their careers with an individualized approach that takes goals and prior skills into consideration.  Experienced faculty and staff will help you develop the skills you need to reach the next level of your career and break free from the dead end job.

No College Board type of entrance test is required.

CSB does not require the ACCUPLACER Entrance Test – a standardized test similar to the SAT that can be used to determine how many remedial classes a student must complete.

No remedial classes that prevent students from graduating on time are given.

At CSB, all subjects passed earn credits toward a student’s diploma or ASB degree.

There is no crazy class schedule (a schedule that may include day and evening classes at more than one location).

At CSB, students are scheduled classes from 8:40 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. Monday to Friday at one location.

Only classes relevant to a student's field of study are scheduled.

At CSB, students are only scheduled classes that will benefit them in their chosen career field. For example, a medical assistant student would never be scheduled intermediate algebra.

Students are more than just a number at CSB.

From Day 1 until graduation, CSB students receive extraordinary attention. CSB’s dedicated faculty and staff are committed to helping all students achieve classroom success.

Internships provide on-the-job training and a possible job opportunity.

All students are given the opportunity to experience a six-week internship in their career field.  These experiences often lead to a job offer.

Extensive job placement services are offered.

All CSB graduates are given the opportunity to work with CSB’s full-time Career Services Director until career-related employment is acquired.

Financial aid programs and flexible tuition payment plans are available.

The PHEAA state grant, the Federal Pell grant, and the Federal Direct Loan program (https://csb.edu/financial-aid/) are available for those who qualify. For students who qualify for limited or no financial aid, CSB offers several payment plans, including interest-free payment plans, adaptable to meet individual budgets.

The Next Step...

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