CSB’s Career Training FAQ

CSB's Career Training FAQ

Get answers about tuition, career placement, and other questions below.

How Much Does CSB Cost?

Gail Dougherty, Financial Aid Director, discusses how the average CSB student incurs about $12,000* of out-of-pocket expense for our two-year associate in specialized business degree.

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How Does CSB Help Graduates Start Their Career?

Griselle Nazario, CSB Career Services Director, explains how CSB helps graduates find careers in their chosen field of study.

  • Over 80% Job Placement
  • Extensive Job Placement Classes & Internship

How Do CSB Students Graduate in 18 Months?

Jennifer Yeagley, CSB School Director, explains how small classes, consistent class schedule, dedicated faculty, and lack of non-credit classes help students graduate in 18 months or less.

  • Every Class Counts
  • One Campus Location with Predictable Class Schedules
  • Fair and Consistent Grading System

How Diverse is CSB's Student Body?

Debra Martinez, School Director, describes CSB’s student body as quite diverse and English Language Learner friendly.  Some students from as far as Puerto Rico, Nepal, South Africa, and Mexico.

  • Warm and Welcoming Educational Environment
  • English Language Learner (ELL) Friendly

Do CSB Credits Transfer?

Connie Winland, the Registrar, describes CSB’s articulation agreement with Eastern University.