Medical Administrative Assistant

The Medical Administrative Assistant ASB degree will enable students to work with patients in the front and/or back office and prepare students to perform laboratory procedures. Graduates of this program are prepared to work as a medical office assistant.

Set a Goal! Then Achieve It!

Morgan knew she wanted a career in the medical field. She enrolled at CSB to get the skills she needed to get there. Now she works at Wellspan. This is her story.

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Medical Administrative Assistant Program

Associate in Specialized Business Degree

CSB’s Medical Administrative Assistant ASB Degree program is designed for students to develop communications, computer technology skills, and office procedures involved in working in a medical office or hospital.

The Clinical Assistant ASB Degree offers students the opportunity to perform exam room and clinical laboratory procedures and use their knowledge of medical terminology.


This school is amazing. I'm learning a lot of things I really didn't know.  It's a great opportunity for me, and I'm glad I chose to continue my education at this school.  Not only am...

I love attending Consolidated School of Business.  The instructors there have actually worked in the field that they are teaching, and they are really involved with their students. I think it would be a great...

Love the school. The teachers are outstanding. If it wasn't for them and the classmates support, I would have dropped out!...

I've been so impressed with the staff at CSB. There's no doubt they truly care about their students!...

In addition to fundamental core subjects in communications and office technology as well as job preparation subjects, the student will also take the following specialized subjects:

  • Clinical Lab Procedures I, II
  • Exam Room Procedures
  • Medical Office Procedures
  • Electronic Care Management
  • Basic Coding
  • Essentials of Pharmacology
  • Body Structure and Function
  • Elements of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Human Diseases and Conditions
  • Law and Ethics
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Physician Office Clinical Assistant
  • Physician Office Assistant
  • NCCT Certified Medical Office Assistant
  • NCCT Medical Assisting
  • MOS Word and Excel Certification
  • IC3 Global Standard 3 Certification


Candice Wright
Medical Instructor
Debra Beaver
Medical Instructor
NCRMA Academy of Medical Arts and Business
Janice Everette
Curriculum Coordinator, Business Management & Medical Instructor
M.B.A. Eastern University