16 Reasons CSB is Right for You

16 Reasons CSB is Right for You

1. Students can try CSB before they buy CSB!

All new students have a 15-class-day trial period to see if CSB is meeting their academic and personal needs.

2. Students graduate on time!

Most importantly, CSB students graduate on time. Of CSB’s most recent 1,005 graduates, 796 (79%) graduated in 18 months or less.

3. No College Board type of entrance test is required.

CSB does not require the ACCUPLACER Entrance Test – a standardized test similar to the SAT that can be used to determine how many remedial classes a student must complete.

4. No remedial classes that prevent students from graduating on time are given.

At CSB, all subjects passed earn credits toward a student’s diploma or ASB degree.

5. There is no crazy class schedule (a schedule that may include day and evening classes at more than one location).

At CSB, students are scheduled classes from 8:40 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. Monday to Friday at one location.

6. Only classes relevant to a student's field of study are scheduled.

At CSB, students are only scheduled classes that will benefit them in their chosen career field. For example, a medical assistant student would never be scheduled intermediate algebra.

7. A sensible and fair grading system is used.

All instructors award grades based on how successful students are in meeting the measurable and achievable objectives of the subject.

8. Students are more than just a number at CSB.

From Day 1 until graduation, CSB students receive extraordinary attention. CSB’s dedicated faculty and staff are committed to helping all students achieve classroom success.

9. Smaller classes help to ensure personal success.

Most CSB classes average fewer than 14 students per class.

10. Tutoring is available when needed.

Tutoring is available for students who need additional academic support.

11. Internships provide on-the-job training and a possible job opportunity.

All students are given the opportunity to experience a six-week internship in their career field.  These experiences often lead to a job offer.

12. Extensive job placement services are offered.

All CSB graduates are given the opportunity to work with CSB’s full-time Career Services Director until career-related employment is acquired.

13. CSB credits transfer.

CSB graduates who wish to pursue a four-year Bachelor’s Degree are able to transfer many of their CSB credits to Eastern University or Central Penn College.

14. ELL instruction at no cost to a student.

ELL students who wish to enroll at CSB and possess English skills at a predetermined level receive ELL instructions at no cost to the student.

15. Tuition rates are protected.

A student’s tuition rate never changes as long as he or she is continuously enrolled in a program.

16. Financial aid programs and flexible tuition payment plans are available.

The PHEAA state grant, the Federal Pell grant, and the Federal Direct Loan program (https://csb.edu/financial-aid/) are available for those who qualify. For students who qualify for limited or no financial aid, CSB offers several payment plans, including interest-free payment plans, adaptable to meet individual budgets.

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